Cleaning pod
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Cleaning pod for WPM Espresso Machines


Coffee Group head cleaning instruction

1. First, use a brush to clean the coffee grounds and coffee oil that remain in the Group head.

2. Place the Cleaning pod in Portafilter and place 1 teaspoon of cleansing powder or 1 cleansing pills into the Cleaning pod and insert the Portafilter .

3. Turn on the shower head for 5 to 10 seconds, and repeated about 10 times until the cleaning powder or cleaning pills completely dissolved.

4. Release the Portafilter, use a Wet cloth to clean the Group head outlet. Then rinse the Group head with water 5-10 times,

5. Clean the Group head again by Brewing a cup of coffee (Don't Drink the first coffee) 


FREE Caffetto S15 cleaning pills trial will be given when buying a Cleaning pod.

* Hong Kong and overseas orders only