Twin Thermo-block Espresso Machine
Dimensions : 320x330x380mm




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Appearance Stainless steel body
Programs Progressive pre-infusion
  1 cup and 2 cup volume setting
  Fine-adjust temperature
Hot Water Tube Available
Gauge Pressure Gauge
Pump 15 bar coffee pump
  4 bar steam pump
Heating System 2 PID Thermoblock
  Super Steam Thermoblock
Steam Wand 360-degree movement
  2 hole
Group Head 58mm Stainless Steel Group Head
Water Tank 3L capacity
  Able to provide water level warning and water filter
Voltage (V) 220 - 240 V/ 50 Hz
Power (W) 2400
(D*W*H in mm)
Net Weight (in kg) 11.9